Resource Recovery

Beverage Container Redemption Centres

We Are Greater Fredericton's Foremost Beverage Container Redemption Service
All of our Redemption Centres accept registered beverage containers sold in New Brunswick. We also accept Electronic Waste and Household Paint for recycling.

NEW !! ALL OF OUR CENTRES NOW ACCEPT NON REFUNDABLE GLASS JARS AND BOTTLES FOR RECYCLING. This material will only be accepted under the following conditions:
1. Clean and free of all product that it contained. (Labels are OK)
2. No caps or lids.
3. Keep separate from your refundable containers.
4. No cookware or dishware, ceramic, Pyrex, or window glass. Food grade glass only.
    Any glass that does not meet the above conditions, will be returned to you.
    Please call or email for more information.
5. Must be brought to our centres.We WILL NOT take this product from bottle donation boxes.
Our centres accept E Waste such as computers and components, TVs and components and phones.
Our centres accept household paint and spray paint for recycling. Only in original containers with labels on.