Resource Recovery

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Southside Redemption Centre now accepts household paint for recycling. Call us for details or visit

 Dairy products are not accepted at Redemption Centres because at the time the Beverage Containers Act came into effect, the Dept of Environment did not want to increase the price of a dietary staple such as milk because of the ten cent deposit that would be imposed. This is still the case today and includes milk substitutes such as soy, rice, yogurt and almond beverages.

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Dec 24 thru Dec 28 CLOSED
Dec 29 - 30 7:30am - 5:00pm
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Southside Redemption Centre

Opened in 1993, Southside Redemption Centre quickly became the second largest centre in New Brunswick. The offering of a sheltered drive thru and large staff proved to be a winning combination.
The 5600 square foot former CP Rail Cargo building was leased from J.D. Irving Ltd by Resource Recovery and converted to a Redemption Centre. In July 2007, due to prospective development of the land, Southside Redemption centre's lease was terminated. All attempts to find a new location within the city failed forcing the centre to re-locate outside the city limits to Hanwell.

At 2 pm on Saturday August 16 2008, Southside Redemption Centre at 374 York Street, closed their doors for the last time. On Tuesday August 19, Southside Redemption Centre re-opened at it's new location, 70 Timothy Avenue, Hanwell boasting a brand new, 7000 square foot, bright building featuring paved driveways, drive through service and EZEE Sort automated counting stations.
      AND FRIDAY 7:30am to 5:00pm
       SATURDAY 7:30am to 2:00 pm
                   PHONE 450 9247
  70 Timothy Avenue South, Hanwell