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Unacceptable Containers

Following is a list of reasons why your beverage containers may be refused and objects that we WILL NOT accept.
1. New Brunswick Redemption Centres WILL NOT accept any beverage container from outside the province.

2. For verification purposes, New Brunswick Redemption Centres cannot accept containers without their original label intact.

3. Contamination: Any container that is used to contain any other fluid or matter other than it's intended use may be deemed as contaminated and therefore will be refused. i.e bodily fluids, cigarette butts, sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco spit, snack food wrappers, fuels and solvents, SYRINGES!!!!

4. Beyond recognition. (road kill) If we cannot identify it, we will not accept it.

5. Garbage. We will not accept any bottles that are in bags or boxes that contain trash.
For Your Information...
New Brunswick Redemption Centres do not accept any dairy, soy almond or rice beverages. These products are considered food sources rather than beverages and, therefore do not fall into the Beverage Containers Act. This is also the case with dietary suppliments such as Boost, Ensure, Weight Watchers, etc.